Dustin Gutsche

Project Manager, Engineering Mindset for Maintenance

A member of his own condo corporation’s board, Dustin Gutsche understands the importance of transparency, communication, and professionalism in providing quality care to Catalyst’s clients.

His background in teaching and surveying allows him to identify the real reasons behind why things aren’t working to provide long-term solutions beyond “band-aid” fixes. This, complemented by his experience with developing low cost solutions that involve user-friendly technology, ensures condo boards receive responsive service that is of real value.

Over and above supporting condo communities and the growth of the Catalyst team, Dustin believes in giving back to the community, particularly as it relates to education. As such, he has previously been the Chair for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Congress Committee, along with running a number of engineering competitions, all working with large budgets and challenging schedules. Needless to say, “in support of others” is what drives Dustin each day.

Relevant certifications and education: B.Sc, Geomatics Engineering – University of Calgary; B.Ed, Mathematics – University of Alberta.

Favourite Superhero: Bruce Banner. He’s a bright guy, but when necessary he just “gets it done.”

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Dustin Gutsche