Graham Kingsley

Project Manager

Graham is THE guy to go to when you want a problem solved. Graham focuses on finding creative problem-solving solutions and processes, and he always goes the extra mile.

"I value exceptional customer service, and think you should expect the same from me.I believe that great customer service means understanding the client's issue, and really listening and empathizing with them. It's about getting the details and really helping them to solve the issues."

Graham has worn many hats over the years, including being the VP of Operations, Director At Large, Administrative Director, Secretary, and Treasurer in his 8 years with Calgary Pride. He has also been challenged to take on technical production for a variety of events and shows for Theatre Calgary, and even spends time designing and developing websites on the side.

Graham has been involved in so many projects and has juggled his active volunteering with his professional career. He approaches each situation and problem with a thoughtful and detailed approach, and really gets to the core of the issues.

Quick Facts About Graham:

Favourite Superhero: It's gotta be Spider-Man! Swinging from one problem to the next sounds like just another day to me!
Arch Enemy: Mosquitoes - for some reason they just always find me!
Relevant Education and Certifications: Associate Degree - Theatre Arts, Technical from Mount Royal University - AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite (particularly Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and After Effects), WordPress, Design (CAD, Graphic, Web, Event, Theatre).

Graham Kingsley