Kassidy Poudrier

Project Coordinator

What started out as a temporarily filling our receptionist position turned into a full-time career as a Support Specialist for Kassidy. Management immediately noticed her attention to detail, superior customer service, and desire to gain hands-on experience. So, the choice was obvious— Kassidy was invited to be a permanent member of the team.

Kassidy’s primary responsibility is assisting clients as they navigate the water loss process. If a unit leaks or floods, Kassidy is the first point of contact, responding to tenant questions and guiding them through their next steps. She knows her clients are often in the midst of a difficult situation, so she enjoys providing quality service and making tenants feel a little less alone. If she can make your day easier, she will!

Although her role comes with its challenges, Kassidy says it has been a career highlight for her. “I have been able to advance within Catalyst and take on more responsibilities in a relatively short period of time and that tells me my work is appreciated and that I’m meeting expectations.”

Outside of the office, Kassidy loves to travel. One of her favorite destinations so far has been Guatemala, where she was blown away by the stunning scenery and Mayan culture. She also found her beloved pooch, Ray, while visiting Guatemala (which makes it all the more special!).

Quick Facts About Kassidy

Arch-Enemy: People who resort to insults when tough conversations must be had.
Favorite Superhero: “My mom. She is a very compassionate woman who really knows how to care for others and that’s something I try to emulate in my own life.”

Kassidy Poudrier