Palmira Leon

Accounting Clerk

Our accounting department wouldn’t be complete without Palmira. She is a passionate and driven professional who always beats the clock when it comes to her deadlines and responsibilities.

Originally, Palmira was completing her practicum with us as part of her CIWA Trained Accountants program, but her work was so outstanding we just couldn’t let her leave. The rest is history!

Within her role, Palmira manages many of the financial and tax aspects of Catalyst’s operations. She is the one who keeps us on our toes and helps ensure our paperwork is meticulously managed (which we really appreciate!).

Outside of working hours, Palmire enjoys getting outdoors, playing basketball, and doing crafts. She also looks forward to spending time with her sons, who she says are her greatest motivators.

“I moved to Canada to provide them with a better life. I am currently working towards my CPA designation and nothing makes me happier than knowing I am setting an example for them.”

Palmira Leon