Shakeel Chaudhry

Project Coordinator

Shakeel (or Shak, as we call him around the office) is our go-to guy for all things exterior maintenance and reserve fund projects. He is a naturally caring person who brings a positive attitude to our work environment.

“I just genuinely care about the properties I serve and the people who live there. I try to give the same level of service I would want as a property owner.”

But don’t mistake Shak’s kindness for weakness! He’s a self-proclaimed go-getter who refuses to be held back.

“Give me a goal and get out of my way, that’s my motto,” he says.

His knack for crushing his goals could come from his background in competitive boxing and martial arts. Or maybe he was born with it! We’re not sure, but we’re glad he lends his talents to the Catalyst team.

He also has experience in the housing industry, having run his own property management company for several years that specialized in single-family homes.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of projects throughout my career where we took really run down properties and cleaned them up, renovated them, and made them desirable to live in again,” he explains. “That was very rewarding, to see quality tenants in those units who would appreciate them and pay their rent on time.”

When it comes to his current projects with Catalyst, Shak takes a pragmatic approach. He enjoys organizing objectives into phases and tackling each task chronologically.

Quick Facts About Shakeel

Arch-Enemy: Arrogant or obnoxious people.
Favorite Superhero: Dr. Strange, because he was a helper. He used his intelligence and ambition to save others.
Community Involvement: Real Estate Council of Alberta member and Canadian Condominium Institute member

Shakeel Chaudhry