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The Not-so-hidden “Hidden Costs” in Condo Management Agreements

Cell phone plans. Airline tickets. Cable bills. Even your favourite food delivery app. They’ve all got one thing in common: hidden fees. Extra little charges above and beyond what you’d budgeted for when making a

Dysfunctional Condo Board? Start Your New Decade with One That’s Truly Functional

The time for making New Year’s resolutions has come and gone. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. We’re a month into our next spin around the sun, after all – there’s got to be a line in the sand somewhere! That said, while the New Year’s r

How to Create a True Community in Your Condo Building

There’s no feeling quite like the one you get from knowing that you belong somewhere. There’s nothing like that feeling of pride, that passion of ownership – and the accompanying respect for where you live – that comes from the notion of trul

A Year in the Life of a Proactive Condo Board Management

Happy 2020 to condo owners, board members, and managers everywhere! New year, new you…new AGM? Chances are, you’re annual general meeting is scheduled in the near future. Are you 100% sure that you’re addressing and actioning the right opportun

5 Stellar Habits of Super Effective Condo Board Meetings

If you’ve ever sat on a condo board, chances are, you’ve shared the same, pie-in-the-sky dream. You know the one: you walk into that board meeting, and everybody’s immediately on the same page. The business of the day gets taken care of line-by

Fun in the Sun: A Snowbird’s Guide to Renting Your Condo

Ahhh, to live the life of a snowbird. Jet-setting from north to south, enjoying the warmer months here in Canada before heading down to enjoy some more warm months Stateside – that’s the way to do it. About one of the only drawbacks we can see wh

Things to Know Before Buying a Condo in Edmonton

You’ve made the decision to settle down and buy a condo in the City of Champions – congratulations! Buying a home is a monumental step in anyone’s life, whether it’s your first or your fifteenth time signing those papers. That said, every hom

Pushing “Pause” on Alberta’s CPA Amendments

It’s been just over a month since the long-awaited amendments to the Alberta Condominium Property Act (CPA) came into effect on July 1, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to take a bit of a look back on the changes that took place,

Fun in the Sun: Bringing Your Condo Community Together this Summer

Here in Alberta, we generally don’t get much of a summer – at least in the traditional sense of the word. What warm weather we do see each year tends to be short-lived, plagued by thunderstorms and spent smacking mosquitos out of the air.Desp

Property Management vs Condo Management: Wait, There’s a Difference?

Even if you’ve been an avid, dedicated reader of our blogs since day one – and if you have, kudos – chances are, there are still some things about condo management that you still might not be quite aware of. For example, did you know all the wa

Real Estate in Alberta: The Condo Strikes Back!

From Calgary to Red Deer to Edmonton and everywhere in between, Albertans are starting to catch on to what we’ve already known for ages: condo living is where it’s at.Generally speaking, spring is that special time of year for the real estate

Alberta Condo Legislation, It’s A-Changin’: A Rundown of the Updated Condominium Property Act

Here in Alberta, we’ve grown accustomed to waiting exceptionally long periods of time for two things: the start of real, honest-to-goodness summer weather, and the arrival of true condo legislation reform. At the time o

Know Your Property Management: Condo vs Townhome

It seems that we’re making a bit of a theme here on this blog lately around answering questions that everybody seems to have, but that nobody wants to admit they don’t know about. For example, our

Managing Responsibilities: The Roles of Boards and Condo Management

The condo management business is a funny one. In nearly every other industry you can think of, there exists a clear set of expectations and agreements regarding the role and relationship between client and service provider – but somewhere along the

The Pros and Cons of Self-managing Your Condo

Are you somebody who really enjoys micro-managing things? Do you like biting off more than you can chew? Looking for a full-time job that pays absolutely nothing? Then have we got the gig for you: condo community self-management!Okay, okay. We’

Clearing Confusion Concerning Condo Corporation Insurance Coverage

Generally speaking, when we imagine situations that might require taking out an insurance policy, the particulars are usually quite thrilling: travelling to far-off lands, for example, or taking part in any number of death-defying activities like ski

Reserve Fund Studies and Your Condo Building

February’s a funny month. It often finds condo board members torn between two conflicting desires. On the one hand, most folks are desperately looking forward to the end of winter and the return of warmer, sunnier weather. On the other, the imminen

A Long Time Coming: Alberta CPA Changes are Here

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that we’ve been talking about amendments to the Alberta Condominium Property Act (or CPA) for a

The Long and Short of Short-term Condo Rentals in Edmonton

Over the course of the past several years, our economy has undergone an interesting shift, moving away from one based on sole ownership towards one centered around the maxim of sharing. From cars to clothes to cats (yes, even cats!), the sharing econ

The Greatest Hits for First Time Condo Ownership!

Whether you’re a first-time condo owner or are simply starting out by renting a unit, congratulations! The world of condo living is wondrous and wide (and sometimes even a little bit weird!) – there’s nothing quite like it, and for us, there’

What You Don’t Know About Condo Insurance Could Hurt You

Condo insurance can be a daunting subject to get familiar with. Between master policies, individual plans, claims processes, deductibles, and everything else involved in understanding and securing coverage, plenty of folks decide to take what we fond

So, Your Condo Corporation Needs a Lawyer – Now What?

Okay, right off the bat, we’ll be the first people to agree with you: the knee-jerk reaction most people have at the thought of needing a lawyer is one of cold, primal fear. Maybe we’ve all been watching too many Law & Order re-runs, but when

Reserve Fund Studies: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the most useful tools a condominium has to plan for the future is the humble reserve fund study. If you’re sitting at your computer, scratching your

Important Questions to ask When Hiring a Condo Management Service

The choice of the right property management company will have a significant impact on how successfully your community property is managed. Timely payment collections, following maintenance schedule, communicating effectively with residents,

How is it different to have a condo management company than doing it yourself?

Managing your condo community can be a time-consuming and complex task. Usually, it is the board members who take up all the responsibilities related to the day to day management of the community property. There is a world of a difference

4 Tips for Creating Condo Association Policies

When it comes to creating new policies for your condo association, it is important to keep all points in mind to eliminate any disputes or complex situations. Make sure that everyone including the members and residents fully understand the responsibi

How Can A Condo Management Company Help?

Managing a condo association board can be a time-consuming task in itself. If you have a medium sized community, condo management can be a full-time job for board members. There are so many ways a condo management company can ease your job

Who is Responsible for Condominium Repairs & Maintenance?

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, condominium residents face lots of uncertainty. If repairs are required in the common areas and apartments, who should be responsible for them. This is frequently occurring issue that can be seen in

What are the Duties & Functions of Condo Associations?

Condo boards hold complete responsibilities for managing their community. The board is responsible for managing all fiduciary and financial aspects of all the projects. You can outsource several aspects of your functions to a condo management company

How Can Associations Increase Their Revenues To Reduce Assessments

Raising the annual assessments is simply the most detested steps you can take. It can be even more concerning at a time when the economy is not doing so well. The key to prevent the board from taking this action is to follow other methods to increase

What to Expect from a Good Condo Management Company in Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance is one of the key services provided by a condo management company. Not every company will be able to meet the highest standards in the industry to address all your maintenance needs while meeting high-quality standards.

5 Benefits of Hiring Services of a Condo Management Company

Managing a condominium or HOA with a board can be a fulltime job. Even a small condo requires dedicating a lot of time and effort to ensure that keeps running smoothly. If you hire a condo management company, it can make a huge difference in saving y

Snow Removal 101: What Should It Cost And What To Look For?

Condo maintenance is part of the daily operations of condo management. Snow removal is one of the most important tasks and the level of complexity and work involved will depend on many factors. So what sh

What To Look For In A Good Management Company?

The management needs for a high-rise condo building will be different from those for a small townhouse community. The scope and scale of services provided can vary significantly based on the different needs of the communities. So what should you look

How To Prevent Special Assessments?

Many Canadians think that special assessments are mandatory. However, that is not the truth. If you have a well-managed condo community, you can rely on your reserve funds as and when it is required. There are ways to prevent special assessments.

What Are Post Tension Cables & What Are Their Benefits?

Post tension cables are used in concrete construction to add strength to thin and long slabs. This allows more span lengths between support columns. The cables have steel wires within plastic sheath. They are tensioned after pouring concrete,

Canadian Millennials to Drive Condo Sales & Rental Growth

The millennials are expected to make one of the biggest impacts on Canadian real estate market in the near future. The impact could in fact be bigger than what their baby boomer parents made. They make up about 25% of the country’s population and

Catalyst Condo Management Launches New Website

As rental condos grow in Calgary, finding the right condo management services in Calgary has become a difficult process. Most services perform similar and industry standard processes and functions, making it difficult to differentiate between them.

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