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Raising the Bar with Resources for Your Condo Board

Your condo board runs a pretty tight ship. Meetings are efficient, AGMs are informative, and day-to-day operations are smooth and trouble-free. You do a good job keeping things on the up-and-up. The community is happy, dialogue between board members

How to Build an Effective and Rewarding Condo Board

Getting people excited about sitting on their building’s condo Board of Directors can be a bit of a tough sell – and honestly, we can’t say that we blame anyone for being reluctant to make the commitment. Condo boards have earned themselves a b

Aging Condo Building? How a Building Envelope Assessment Can Help

The plain truth is that Alberta is a cyclical economy, where we go through steady boom and bust markets. Markets where everything is happening all the time and then markets where everything is stalled.

Property Manager Not Doing What You Want

What You Should Expect from Your Property ManagerYou own a condo unit and are keen to rent it out. Along the way, you realize that you just don’t want to manage everything that goes into renting your condo, such as putting a

Green Bins and Your Condo Building

Green bins are finally coming to Calgary, bringing a much needed “greenness” to our city. But what does this mean for your condo building? How will your condo manage the aspects of implementing this new program and, once implemented,

Did You Drink the Wrong Kool-Aid?

What your condo management contract is actually sayingIn reading your Condominium Management Services Contract, do you feel like it’s not talking to you?“There’s so much jargon,” “it’s full o

Board Bully Tearing Your Condo Apart?

We’ve all been around them – the one person who needs to be heard, who always has an opinion and likes to make sure everyone knows it. But, what if this person is doing more damage than good to the overall effectiveness of your condo board?

Thinking of Joining Your Condo Board?

Making real impact from within for your condo buildingThis is it! This is the year you’re joining your Condo Board to become more involved with your condo community. Before you sign up, make sure you understand the realities of what be

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