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Halloween’s a-Happening: Safety in Townhome Communities

Generally speaking, townhome-style condo communities are bustling hubs of activity full of people coming and going, residents enjoying the amenities, and folks getting together just for the heck of it. Once a year, though, something downright spooky

Kondo Kombat: Managing Conflict in Your Condo Community

Maybe it’s the garbage that somehow makes its way out to the dumpster but simply cannot seem to find its way inside of the dumpster. Maybe it’s one too many hair-metal power ballads heard drifting up through the floorboards late at night

Fun in the Sun: Bringing Your Condo Community Together this Summer

Here in Alberta, we generally don’t get much of a summer – at least in the traditional sense of the word. What warm weather we do see each year tends to be short-lived, plagued by thunderstorms and spent smacking mosquitos out of the air.Desp

Supporting Our Communities, the Catalyst Way

Here at Catalyst Condo Management, we make it a point to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don’t just mean this with regards to condo management – although, of course, this is a goal that we’re constantly striving after in our day-to-day

The Future is Now: Technology, Seniors, and Condo Living

Condo living is changing. The world in 2018 is a very different place than it was even just five years ago: virtual reality is now commonplace, we all carry supercomputers around in our pockets called “Smartphones,” and eccentric

Building Your Condo Community with Technology

Your condo building isn’t just a place to rest your head. It’s a place that multiple people call home, coming together as part of a community. Just as with every community, it’s important that you know what’s happening to stay on top of key e

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