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Tenant Triumphs! How to Find Success Renting Out Your Condo

You’ve finally done it. They say that there’s no investment quite as sound as real estate, and you’ve taken that to heart. Just like a show on the local home and garden TV network, you’ve gone condo hunting, weighed the pros and cons, and sig

Appreciating Appreciation: Investing in Condos vs. Detached Homes

Happy 2019, everybody! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic time ringing in the New Year. Of course, with any flip of the calendar comes a bevy of New Year’s Resolutions to back it up,

Taking Possession of Your New Condo…Building!

If you’ve ever taken possession of a new home, you know that there’s lots to consider – from building inspections to mortgage approvals, the list is a mile long – and that’s just for handing off one solitary dwelling. Now, imagine all the

Keep the Ghouls Out of Your Condo this Halloween

Can you feel that in the air? No, not smell of pumpkin spice lattes. No, not the chill of snowfall in the early days of autumn. No, not the sound of sleigh bells in the middle of October – Christmas is still two-and-a-half months away, for crying o

5 Common Condo Investment Myths, Busted!

If you’ve ever kicked around the idea of investing in a condo, you’ll most likely have noticed a curious thing: everybody around you is secretly a master-level real estate expert. Don’t believe us? Next time you’re hanging out with a group of

The Hazy Subject of Cannabis, Bylaws, and Your Condo Building

The Canadian government has finally set a date for the nation-wide legalization of cannabis: October 17, 2018. While this soon-to-be-national-holiday for cannabis users across the country

The Future is Now: Tech to Make Your Building Green and Efficient

As we go about our lives each and every day, it can become easy to take all the innovative technology that surrounds us for granted. Every once in a while, though, it will hit you as you realize that

Buying a Condo Amidst Changing Canadian Mortgage Rules

For a first-time condo buyer, just simply throwing your hat into the intimidating ring of real estate, mortgage applications and bank meetings can be a stressful proposition.

My Condo, My Castle – The Right to Enter a Unit

One of the great things about condominium living and ownership is that your home is your castle. Your sanctuary. Your escape from the rigors and pressures of the outside world. When you come back to your condo at the end of the day, you are the maste

Avoiding Pitfalls in Condo Real Estate Investment

If you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket and are on the lookout for sound investment opportunities, then condo real estate could be the right opportunity for you! Putting money down on an investment property is a great way to build som

Top Trends for the Calgary Condo Market in 2018

A new year always ushers in new changes, and even though we’re only a month into 2018, we’re already seeing some key trends emerging within the Calgary condo market. Like all trends,

Thinking of Investing in a Condo Unit as a Rental Property?

This is it! The year that you’re going to purchase a condo unit as a rental property and grow your real estate portfolio. And investing in a condominium is a great asset to invest in. Unfortunately, investing in a second property isn’t as simple


Renovating a condo is unlike renovating most other properties. Renovating a new condo is also different from revamping an old condo. If you are considering condo renovation, you should be aware of the rules governing renovations in the building.

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