Professionals in Condo Property Management

At Catalyst, real human relationships are key to positive condo property management. This starts with knowing who you’re working with. Meet the people behind the Catalyst name!

Our Staff
Angie Norman

Director of Finance, Keeping Condos Financially Healthy

Part of what makes Catalyst Condo Management unique in its service and quality.

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Alandra Richards

Operations Manager, Communicator Extraordinaire

Finding solutions that truly answer a client’s need is what drives Alandra Richards.

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Dustin Gutsche

Project Manager, Engineering Mindset for Maintenance

A member of his own condo corporation’s board, Dustin Gutsche understands.

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Fabrice Vermeer

Customer Support Manager, Impactful Process Enhancer

Growing a client base is great. However, what’s more important to Fabrice Vermeer.

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Leidy Carrillo Perez

Leader, Accounting Team, Condo Financial Compliance Specialist

As the leader of Catalyst’s Accounting Team, Leidy Carrillo Perez brings a fierce.

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Drew Spencer

Managing Director, Industry Challenger via Advocacy

Raising standards, improving processes, and increasing efficiencies through.

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Betty Wildgoose

Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Building Positive Relationships with Numbers

Finding the balance between compassion and understanding, while being fair.

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