Alandra Richards

Operations Manager, Communicator Extraordinaire

Finding solutions that truly answer a client’s need is what drives Alandra Richards to strive for excellence in service. As Catalyst Condo Management’s Operations Manager, she believes that this is what builds client trust, in addition to taking the time to understand their real concerns.
This transparency in all communication is what clients appreciate about Alandra. What’s more is that Alandra takes full ownership in finding a quality solution for board members, regardless of the specific service. In doing so, Alandra has become known as a trusted advisor to Catalyst supported boards, dedicated to engaging clients, as she, time and again, demonstrates her ability to build board-focused solutions.

Outside of Catalyst, Alandra loves traveling the world – Scotland and Ireland are her favourites to date – and volunteering with local organizations, such as the BMO Kids Stampede Breakfast.

Relevant certifications and education: Business Administration, Financial Services Diploma – SAIT; ongoing certifications through Canadian Securities Institute.

Favourite Superhero: Wonder Woman. She reminds me of my best friend, who passed away when we were in high school. Plus, being associated with the Greek Gods, Wonder Woman has an emotional understanding of animals and people.