Leidy Carrillo Perez

Leader, Accounting Team, Condo Financial Compliance Specialist

As the leader of Catalyst’s Accounting Team, Leidy Carrillo Perez brings a fierce commitment to quality service and attention to detail. This ensures effective and streamlined processes that provide correctly completed financials the first time around. To do this, she tenaciously digs into client numbers, completing financial audits to ensure the proper compliance and due diligence. Additionally, she works with budgets, providing insight into reporting for boards to make sound financial decisions for their condo corporation.

This commitment to excellence guides Leidy to provide exceptional service, resulting in stronger client/Catalyst relationships focused on clarity, transparency and communication.

When not focusing on finances, Leidy is heavily involved with the Latin American community volunteering for the Association of Colombian-Canadian Professionals of Alberta (ACCPA) and Immigrant Services Calgary, helping new immigrants discover opportunities for building a career in Alberta. She is also an art lover and in her free time she teaches herself new painting techniques.

Relevant certifications and education: B.Acc, Accounting – University Francisco of Paula Santander; Information Technology Diploma; Bridging the Gap for Foreign Trained Accountants Certification; Quality Control and Business Administration Certification; Costs Productions Certification; Marketing Certification.