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Catalyst Condo Management Ltd didn’t start because we love managing condos. We started because we were tired. Tired as condo owners and board members who wanted more transparency and communication in the industry. Simply put, we wanted better service and property management solutions, so we decided to create them.

Catalyst formed knowing there was a better way for condominium management. A way built on improved conversations, a unique business model, and a desire to raise not just our standards, but those of the entire industry. We are active and vocal in industry conversations, education courses, and supporting the Alberta Condominium Property Act as we focus on building better experiences, services, and transparent relationships.

At Catalyst, we are no longer tired. We are awake and full of energy to be your advocate. We are fueled by you, ensuring that you are heard, supported, and living a great condo life!

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About Us | Catalyst’s Service Model

Catalyst is a team of individual experts, all committed to raising the standards of the condominium and property management industry. When you have questions, we connect you with the right person who can provide a real solution. Financial questions are supported by our accounting team; building systems, by our engineering brains; and administration by our process experts. We’re one team, all using our skills to support the health of your condo corporation.

About us: Catalyst Condo Management Ltd
About us: Catalyst Condo Management Ltd

To disrupt industry norms.

About us: Catalyst Condo Management Ltd
About us: Catalyst Condo Management Ltd

Be the most transparent industry advocate.


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