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Catalyst Condo Management is on a mission to redefine what a condominium management service provider should be: innovative, responsive, proactive, and your advocate.Yes, there are industry standard practices and procedures that we must follow, but we are always looking to add more value and meaning to your condo. After all, Calgary is a city built on innovation, why shouldn’t a condo management company be built on this same value?


To disrupt industry norms by using our knowledge, talents, and commitment to transform value and transparency for our clients


To build respectful and strong relationships for engaging talent and achieving the best results and peace of mind for our clients

At Catalyst Condo Management, we follow a creative approach to condo management by utilizing the uniquely diverse talents within our team. Enjoy service that’s focused on improving not just your condo, but condo management industry standards.
Innovative Tech Integration
New user-friendly technology makes life easier for everyone involved in condo management.
User-friendly, intuitive, and efficient technology creates a more open, transparent, and communicative relationship, making a positive impact for our clients.
Your condo is personalized, why should you receive impersonalized processes and service? Offering tailored solutions that go beyond the standard framework, we work with you and your board to create a custom range of services to address your unique needs. Beginning with accounting processes, governance, and maintenance, we then adapt services based on feedback and new service deliveries, all focused on providing impactful support solutions.
Transparency is key to Catalyst Condos because you deserve to fully understand your condo management service. Ensuring you have real time access to your accounts, we leverage the latest technology so that we are always on the same page, over and above quarterly or annual reporting. What we know, you know.When you choose to work with Catalyst Condo Management, you are choosing professional condo and property management services that make a difference!

Meet the Catalyst Team

Drew Spencer

Drew Spencer

Born and bred under the vast Alberta blue sky, Drew Spencer has called Calgary home all but 6 years of his life. Not only that, but he has been a condo owner for the past 15 years and intimately knows the frustrations that come with non-transparent management. From the farmland to the city, Drew has been involved in the construction and renovation industry for over a decade. Don’t be fooled though, construction isn’t the only industry he’s involved with. Having graduated from Mount Royal University as a registered nurse, Drew still spends time volunteering and working at one of our local hospitals.

It is a true understanding of what the client wants, business acumen, and empathy that Drew uses to bring Catalyst to life in a way that is shaking up the entire industry.

Speak with Drew: 403-542-6651


Angie Norman

Introducing possibly the brightest entrepreneur in Calgary, Angie has been in the accounting industry for over 20 years, bringing a practical knowledge of not only the accounting field, but business in general. With nominations in entrepreneurship, Angie is described as “not your typical accountant.” Forward thinking and more driven than a team of Clydesdales, she is the proud owner and operator of two young boys and an incredibly successful accounting business.

With a true passion for building relationships, Angie believes that open, transparent conversation is the only way to provide value to clients.

Speak with Angie: 403-819-7215


Douglas Bowman

Leading Catalyst’s Property Management division, Douglas Bowman brings a rare combination of experience across all aspects of condo ownership, sales, rentals, and management. A condo owner since 1995, licenced Realtor since 2005 and Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) since 2010, Douglas takes pride in supporting condo owners in leasing and managing their units, ensuring confidence throughout the entirety of the rental process. Bringing a personable, yet professional approach to property management, Douglas operates in full compliance with Provincial legislation and regulations. Thoroughly screening prospective tenants utilizing collaborative techniques and the latest technologies to manage units, he systematically collects rents from tenants and remits rents to owners. For Douglas, property management allows him to offer quality and well-maintained homes to tenants, while providing peace of mind and revenue to condo owners.

On top of all this, Douglas is also a licenced home inspector, trained professional photographer, and avid volunteer at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada.

Speak with Douglas: 403-700-9633

Nelson Osmudiamen

Nelson Osmudiamen

Hailing from hotter places than the Great White North we have Nelson Osamudiamen, one of the young and outstanding legal talents produced by our very own U of C. Since graduation, Nelson has practiced in the YYC for a number of years focusing on various areas including residential and commercial real estate. With this level of expertise he is able to key areas read more >>

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Nelson Osamudiamen: 403 818 8303

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