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Catalyst Condo Management is on a mission to redefine what a condominium management service provider should be: innovative, responsive, proactive, and your advocate.Yes, there are industry standard practices and procedures that we must follow, but we are always looking to add more value and meaning to your condo. After all, Calgary is a city built on innovation, why shouldn’t a condo management company be built on this same value?


To disrupt industry norms by using our knowledge, talents, and commitment to transform value and transparency for our clients


To build respectful and strong relationships for engaging talent and achieving the best results and peace of mind for our clients

At Catalyst Condo Management, we follow a creative approach to condo management by utilizing the uniquely diverse talents within our team. Enjoy service that’s focused on improving not just your condo, but condo management industry standards.
Innovative Tech Integration
New user-friendly technology makes life easier for everyone involved in condo management.
User-friendly, intuitive, and efficient technology creates a more open, transparent, and communicative relationship, making a positive impact for our clients.
Your condo is personalized, why should you receive impersonalized processes and service? Offering tailored solutions that go beyond the standard framework, we work with you and your board to create a custom range of services to address your unique needs. Beginning with accounting processes, governance, and maintenance, we then adapt services based on feedback and new service deliveries, all focused on providing impactful support solutions.
Transparency is key to Catalyst Condos because you deserve to fully understand your condo management service. Ensuring you have real time access to your accounts, we leverage the latest technology so that we are always on the same page, over and above quarterly or annual reporting. What we know, you know.When you choose to work with Catalyst Condo Management, you are choosing professional condo and property management services that make a difference!

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660, 10201 Southport Road,
S.W., Calgary, Alberta,
T2W 4X9, Canada.

Contact Details:

Drew Spencer: 403 542 6651
Angie Norman: 403 819 7215
Nelson Osamudiamen: 403 818 8303

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday: 8 AM to 8 PM