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Your condo building is your home, unique to the community that resides within. For this reason alone, you should expect quality, responsive, and supportive service from a condo partner, not a service vendor.

With Catalyst Condo Management, your board receives that – a management partner, committed to enhancing your condo community. Focused on increasing communication and transparency, along with creating effective processes to ensure proper and proactive building maintenance. Catalyst is about adding value to your board, residents, and building.



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Transparency in your numbers is crucial in providing support. Enjoy real time access to bank accounts, bank fees, original invoices (no need to email and request), and so much more.

With easy anytime access, you’re able to tailor dashboards to suit your needs, input budgets and special projects to accurately monitor, and better manage your financials. Plain and simple, whatever we know, you know, and that’s how it should be!
Management services is about more than a ratio of units or buildings per property manager. It’s about providing a meaningful response that’s timely and courteous. It’s about responding with a resolution for next steps, not an automatic responder. And it’s about creating a dedicated online platform for improved and transparent communications between your board, your unit owners, and Catalyst.

With Catalyst, it’s about giving you better service from our 24-hour, Calgary-based team simply by keeping everyone informed.
Support your condo board and residents with Catalyst’s online platform. Here, board members can easily manage communications, email send outs, and other vital documents. Unit owners are able to download documents (saving on your condo administrative costs), post questions, and have discussions on community forums. This is closed to the public ensuring all condo conversations are protected and strictly confidential.
Do away with multiple contracts. By combining management, administrative, maintenance, and advisory services, you reduce operational costs, improve communication and efficiency, while streamlining your billings. In developing personalized solutions for your Calgary condo property, we work with your board to ensure you receive what you need, when you need it, and for an amount that improves your condo’s future.
Condo property management should be different for each building since no two buildings are the same. Because of this, we keep our service malleable to your needs. In Catalyst you have a partner who educates your board how to effectively manage your budget, proactively protect your building, and add value to the condo itself, increasing your own investment. Use our expertise and flexible service to support your building.
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