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Where standards are meant to be challenged isn’t just a snappy soundbite. This is something that we’re continuously striving for – challenging how we can better serve you and your condo board.

With this drive, we’re proud to work with a number of innovative companies whose technologies are transforming the condo industry. Not to mention, they all share the same commitment to creating more efficient buildings for happier and healthier residents! From equipment sensors to renewable energy, innovation is disrupting how condos were previously managed, bringing greater efficiencies, risk mitigation, and enhancing the life of the buildings and people we support.


Our Condo Property Innovations

Property Management
Partnering with BiLD, a Calgary-based company who looks at buildings the same way we do – technology will better support the infrastructure of a building and the people who reside within. Currently, we’re implementing their innovative sensor technology in a number of condo buildings. This helps your board make better decisions based on the information gathered from the sensors.

Motion Sensors: Mitigate risk, better predict mechanical system failure, and potentially enjoy more cost savings by assessing the full value of your current remote monitoring contract.

Thermocouple Sensors: Acting as an early warning system for potential freezing in pipes, this sensor is meant to help you proactively avoid costly pipe bursts in the middle of winter!

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Partnering with Natural Energy Generation, solar power is not only available, but affordable for Catalyst clients. With free installation, monitoring, and maintenance condo boards benefit from the simplicity in the panel design removing concerns about building damage. In addition, the building’s energy costs will be reduced compared to natural energy costs, ultimately benefiting the condo corporation and its residents.

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Outdated Reserve Fund Studies are a thing of the past. Designed through BiLD, this app allows your RFS to be a living document, where you can update the information in the study as they happen. This better informs your board and engineers when making both financial and maintenance decisions as it provides a more accurate assessment of your building.

Learn more about how BiLD is helping condo boards improve their buildings!
While lock boxes are nothing new, the ability to monitor them is. With remote lock box monitoring, your condo board can now monitor and control who has access to the lock box. If a building key goes missing from the lock box, your board can easily identify who the last person who accessed the lock box and contact them to return … or cover costs for losing the key. 

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