Condo Management and Technology Together For Better Communities

Condo buildings are not what they used to be. Building innovations are sleeker, more streamlined, and much more intelligent. As Catalyst is dedicated to disrupting the condo management industry by challenging the standards, we take pride in adopting these innovations to advance our clients and improve their condo living experience.

We are proud to work with a number of innovative Canadian-based companies, all dedicated to improving their industries. Below are a few highlights of how greater building efficiencies are mitigating risk while enhancing the lives of both the properties and the people we support.

Property and Condo Management Innovations


Partnering with BiLD in Calgary, we’re implementing innovative sensor technology, such as motion and thermocouple sensors. Learn more about these innovative sensors here!

Solar Initiatives

Solar power is not only available but AFFORDABLE for Catalyst clients through our partnership with Natural Energy Generation. Discover more about this potential energy cost saver here.

Living Reserve Fund Studies

Using BiLD’s technology, create a living RFS for more and control of your condo building’s financial and maintenance decisions Learn more about Living Reserve Funds here.

Remote Lock Box Monitoring

Know what building keys are where and who’s responsible for lost keys through remote lockbox monitoring. Improved building safety AND key coordination? You bet!

Is your condo board looking for unique building innovations from your management team?

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