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Your condo may be a corporation, but, at the end of the day, this is the place you lay your head. Shouldn’t your condo management services treat your condo building like your home, not a business transaction?

This is why we started Catalyst Condo Management – to challenge the industry standards so that you, your board, and your entire condo community can enjoy stress-free living. In developing your services, we focus on increasing transparency in communication, along with developing streamlined processes for efficiency in service. Plus, we like to be proactive in supporting you with cost-effective building maintenance solutions.

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You should never have to wonder if your condo management company has received your request. With Catalyst, we strive to provide a timely response that’s meaningful, poignant, and presents a resolution. In offering 24-hour service, we’re here to ensure you’re informed and are always aware of what is happening with your condo building.
Have you ever wondered what a specific line item on your invoice is for? Do you often have to wait to hear back from your condo management company about where specifics projects are at? Well, you shouldn’t have to wonder OR wait. Transparency is key to providing better service. With Catalyst, you can tailor your building’s personalized and secure online platform to access bank accounts, original emails, schedule maintenance requests, and so much more. The easiest way to say it is whatever we know, you know.
Your condo management company should be on your side, there to provide you with information to the condo industry, as well as guidance on improving your building. With Catalyst, we’re here to be your advocate, raising key issues within the industry to improve it as a whole. As such, we’re members of both CCI Northern Alberta and CCI Southern Alberta, giving us access to industry insights province wide to provide better service and more value for these services.
With Catalyst, you can combine management, administrative, maintenance, and advisory services, often resulting in improved communication, reduced operational costs, and streamlined billing cycles. By creating a personalized management solution for your Edmonton condo property, your board will enjoy greater clarity of your building, transparency in conversations, and the ability to effectively manage your condo corporation’s finances.
We’re not just passionate about challenging the current level of service in the condo industry. We’re passionate about bringing condo management into the future to support the needs of your building today AND tomorrow. Working with a number of innovative building solutions , we offer effective monitoring systems for proactive building maintenance, live reserve fund studies for greater understanding and control of your financials, and more energy efficient solar initiatives. Learn more about where your condo could go here . Wherever we can offer you value, we will!
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