Transforming Edmonton’s Condo Management Services

Edmonton is truly a City of Champions, one where policies are created, diversity is celebrated, and community is encouraged. You are a city of innovators, of professionals, of movers and shakers. You deserve more than traditional condominium management. You deserve condo property management services that meet you where you’re at and then take you even further!

Edmonton – you continually fight for what’s right in our province. This means creating condo boards and communities who are best served by management solutions focused on advocating for you, your condo owners, and your entire condo corporation.

When you want condo management services that supports you with assured industry compliance, healthy financials, and transparent and reliable service, Catalyst to exceed your expectations.

Condo Property Services Enhanced by Professional Expertise

Discover a team of dedicated professionals focused on raising standards in the industry, creating greater communities through transparent conversations, and supporting policies that advocate for the condo owner.

Your Streamlined Communication

Enjoy more transparent and responsive communication with our user-friendly condo management software. Centralize all condo documents and easily coordinate key information to keep all residents informed. The result? Streamlined administration completed with industry best practices.

Your Transparent Accounting

Our ultimate goal is keeping your financials healthy, condo fees collected, and budget in line with your most recent Reserve Fund Study. Helping you protect your building’s assets, our team develops proactive strategies to ensure compliance in your financials, while focusing on protecting the financial health of your corporation.

Your Industry Advocates & Experts

Connect with a team of industry experts and advocates who love the condo industry. Benefit from access to experts in condo accounting, law, economics, engineering, general contracting, quality improvement, and bylaw and process management to minimize risk and maximize your condo’s value!

Your Condo Community

Build more community with impactful condo management Edmonton, allowing your board to experience what matters most – your condo neighbourhood. Let us coordinate all the paper and numbers; you focus on making your condo a home for everyone!

Isn’t it time your condo building felt supported by property management services who will fight for you?

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