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Catalyst Condo Management believes that we’re only as good as the community we live in. This is why we continuously strive to connect with the condominium community, industry leaders, and other advocate groups making huge impacts in the communities in which we operate.


Catalyst In the Community

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Communication is huge for Catalyst and our clients, we believe that raising the standards of the industry should start with conversations that challenge the status quo of condo management, not just with our clients, but the condo industry as a whole.

Alberta Condo Owners for Change is doing just that as a forum that encourages these conversations and connections between condo and townhome owners and industry resources. To learn more or simply start asking your own condo industry questions, visit their Facebook page!
At Catalyst, we’re huge fans of organizations that look to educate. Canadian Condominium Institute South Alberta Chapter (CCI) is committed to educating both new and experienced condo boards and board members, improving standards of condo management and legislation, and being a professional resource for members. For these reasons, we are active supporters, dedicated to continuously learning and improving our company and industry.

To learn about CCI and the great things they’re doing for the condo industry, visit
Street CCRED (Community Capacity in: Research, Education, and Development) is a grassroots, community-based not-for-profit whose mission is to decrease the suffering and increase the dignity in Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens. Understanding that the current silos for supporting our community wasn’t working, Street CCRED is now building inclusive partnerships between academics and agencies, to create larger support and care systems for each other, their community members, and front-line service providers.

To learn more about Street CCRED and the wonderful things they’re doing here.
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