Get the Support Needed to Make a Change to Self-Management

Are you looking for a new cost-saving solution?

We got you! No, really, we want you to finally put those hands up the next time Fatman Scoop asks if you got a hundred-dollar bill, get your hands up! That’s an early 2000s song reference for those unfamiliar.

With all that has changed in 2020, extra money in the bank is what condo properties need right now. That’s why we’ve come up with a unique solution to provide that little bit of help necessary to take your condo management in-house for self-management.

While it sounds like a daunting task to self-manage your property, it’s not so bad when you have the support of a coach cheering your Condo Board on. As your coach, we’ll hook you up with the right technology, systems, onboarding, and training needed to be successful. We’ll even handle one of the most challenging tasks – condo accounting and financial management!

While we won’t be acting as your condo management company, our unique services will help you shave off costs while making a strategic change. What you can expect working with us:

Transparent Communication

What you see is what we see. Transparent and honest communications are at the core of our philosophy. We’re always a phone call away to support you. We mean it!

Technology Advantage

We’ve got easy to use apps and software that you’ll need for self-management so that you can skip the painful trial and error process of figuring out what tools to use on your own.

Condo Accounting Experts

Gain peace of mind knowing that our specialized condo accountants will make sure that your corporation is compliant with the specific requirements for condo accounting.

Supportive Partnership

Find comfort in a supportive partnership that is genuinely focused with your needs in mind. Think of us as your framework to manage your property with ease.

Virtual Condo Support Solutions

Ready to discover a new sense of cost-saving freedom with condo support services?

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