Fun in the Sun: Bringing Your Condo Community Together this Summer

Here in Alberta, we generally don’t get much of a summer – at least in the traditional sense of the word. What warm weather we do see each year tends to be short-lived, plagued by thunderstorms and spent smacking mosquitos out of the air.

Despite all of this (or perhaps because of all this…?), there really is something special about summer here on the prairies. The hot, sweet air really has a way of bringing people together under the sun’s warm rays, making this time of year the perfect opportunity to focus on building a feeling of community within your condo building. Not quite sure how to go about making this happen – or why you’d even be concerned about bringing people together within your condo building in the first place? Then this is the perfect blog for you – read on!

The Power of Community

Regardless of where your own introverted or extroverted tendencies might lie, when you buy a condo unit, you’re buying into a community. Even if “community” isn’t a person’s top priority or concern when they’re looking into the condo lifestyle, it’s always a factor, and one that’s impossible to remove from the equation. Folks who don’t generally tend to gravitate toward group-minded events will end up interacting and engaging with their fellow condo community members in some way, shape, or form during their time in the building, and will have this in mind when they’re purchasing – never mind those individuals who engage in condo living specifically for all the socialization opportunities that this sort of lifestyle brings to the table.

Further, condo buildings that are built around strong, robust communities are going to feel like safer, more secure places to live, too. The sense that even when you’re not around, folks are keeping an eye on things and looking out for each other is one that really goes a long way not just in keeping residents, but also in attracting new ones. It’s palpable the moment you set foot into a condo community, whether you live there or not. It’s a good feeling!

It follows, then, that if you want your condo building to be an attractive and enjoyable place to live, you want to develop a strong, tight-knit community – and summer is the perfect time of year to make this happen.

Summer in the (Stampede) City (of Champions)

When we opened this blog up by talking about our short-lived summers, it wasn’t without purpose! It’s important to remember that Alberta’s annual window for fun in the sun isn’t open for very long. Not only that, but our winters aren’t just cold – they’re generally downright miserable, making it a serious challenge to try and pry people out of their comfy, cozy condos, no matter how much fun might be waiting for them out in the cold and frosty air.

Take advantage of these coming months to grow and strengthen your condo building’s community! The good news is that while the weather’s warm, you’re not the only one who’s interested in making the most of it. Whether you’re in Edmonton or Calgary, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting goings-on to plan for your condo community to enjoy.

Not sure where to start? Well, if you’re a denizen of the City of Champions, we’ve got some ideas for you:

  • Edmonton Folk Fest This annual Gallagher Park music festival has really grown in size and scale over the years, expanding to feature a wide variety of singer/songwriter-driven acts, with legends including Bruce Cockburn, Dan Mangan, Blue Rodeo, and more heading up a star-studded lineup of talent. The perfect event for music lovers in your condo community!
  • Fringe Fest 11 days. More than 1600 artists. One incredible event. Whether you’re into theatre, art, or performance in general, Fringe Fest is known worldwide for being THE place to see some of the most incredible, varied, show-stopping acts around. Be there or be square!
  • Edmonton Heritage Festival Bring your condo community out to Hawrelak Park this August to experience Canadian multiculturalism at its finest. Whether you go for the music, the food, the inspiring dances, or the beautiful performances, the Heritage Festival is a feast for the senses, and something your entire condo community will surely enjoy!

Those all sound like great opportunities to get out and bring your Edmonton condo community together…but what if you live in Calgary and don’t want to drive for hours on-end to experience them? Don’t worry, YYC, we haven’t forgotten about you:

  • Calgary Folk Fest The same idea as the Edmonton Folk Fest, but in Calgary! Headliners this year include Belle & Sebastian, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, and Sharon Van Etten.
  • Inglewood Night Market There are actually a few night markets that regularly pop up throughout the city, but for our money, the Inglewood Night Market is the one to beat. Head down to historic Inglewood to treat your condo community to a memorable evening of delicious food, fun outdoor performances, and of course, all the unique and artisanal crafts and collectibles anybody could want!
  • Shakespeare by the Bow An annual outdoor performance put on by Theatre Calgary – Calgary’s longest- running theatre company – Shakespeare by the Bow is a staple of summer in YYC. Support local theatre, experience the magic of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and get your condo building’s theatre lovers out for an evening of fun and sun – not a bad way to spend a summer’s night in July, if you ask us.

Whether you call Calgary or Edmonton home, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy all that summer has to offer over the course of these next few months – and to bring the people in your condo together in the process.

None of these events really tickle your fancy? That’s fine – they’re only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun summertime goings-on in our province! There are plenty of other ways to coordinate exciting, community-building events in your condo’s vicinity: one of our recent discoveries is Nextdoor, a gated social networking community specific to your area. Just sign up and be notified of events, happenings, and local fun in your neighbourhood – the perfect tool to help you plan an evening out for your condo community!

Summer’s calling. Get out there and enjoy it – and don’t forget to bring your condo community along for the ride! For more info on how to build comradery within your condo, give us a call at Catalyst Condo Management Ltd today. We understand the importance of community within condos and are always proud to help build it whenever the opportunity arises!