Are Your Children Tired of COVID-19 Isolation? Try These Condo-Friendly Activities

COVID-19 has resulted in significant lifestyle changes for families. These changes can be especially difficult for children to adjust to, as they are used to playing outside, visiting parks and playgrounds, and socializing with their friends.

With Spring bringing more sunshine and pleasant weather, kids can start to feel confined and develop a severe case of cabin fever.

If your children are starting to complain of boredom, engaging them in new, interactive activities can help ease their restlessness and pass the time.

Need ideas? We’ve got you covered! Check out the list below.

COVID-19 Isolation Activities for Children Living in Condos

Build a Pillow Fort

This is one of the most beloved indoor activities for children. Kids love constructing their pillow fort and getting creative while building the structure. But not only is the design phase exciting, your little ones will also enjoy spending hours inside their secret hideaway.

Placing lights, books, puzzles, and other toys inside the pillow fort will encourage them to continue playing— giving parents the opportunity to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

We all know how excited children are on Easter morning as they scurry about the house looking for eggs and goodies. But who says a scavenger hunt is only for Easter? You can replicate this activity by hiding treats or clues around your condo and providing your little ones with a map to follow.

Make it more exciting by offering a special prize for whoever finds all of the clues the fastest, or encourage teamwork by including activities for your kids to complete in order to receive their next clue.

Have a Silent Dance Party

Dance parties are a fantastic way to keep kids entertained during COVID-19. But for families who live in condo buildings are faced with one problem— loud music may be an unwelcome disruption for neighbours.

The solution? A silent dance party! Have your little ones wear headphones and listen to their favorite music that way. It’s all the fun of a traditional dance party without the trouble-causing noise levels.

Host a Fashion Show

Kids love to play dress up. It’s a universal fact. So, why not let them try on your adult clothes and strut their stuff? Little ladies will love putting on “big girl” dresses and pretty shoes. And boys can try on button-down shirts, ties, or even work uniforms (fireman helmets, tool belts, etc).

This is one of the best COVID-19 tips for parents who need a quick, no-prep activity to keep kids occupied. All you need to do is take a quick dig inside your closet!

To make things extra fun, draw mustaches on boys using makeup (eyeliner or an eyebrow pencil will work great), or let girls wear sparkly lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.

Then put on some runway music (not too loud, of course) and let them flaunt their fashions!

Hold an Indoor Bowling Tournament

Bowling is typically a loud activity. Pins crash when they’re knocked over and balls thud when they hit hardwood lanes. But with a few adjustments, this super-fun family activity can be a condo-friendly passtime.

Use rolls of paper towels as the pins to eliminate noise and use a soft ball (soccer ball, foam play balls, etc) to knock them down.

For older children, making it a competitive game will help maintain interest. For little ones, simply trying to knock all the pins down at once will be a ton of fun.

Trust us, this will quickly become one of your favorite COVID-19 isolation activities for children.

Need More Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During COVID-19?

There are a ton of credible online resources that publish lists of indoor activities for children.

Below are a few we recommend:

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