Condo Maintenance Checklist: Keeping Your Building in Shape

Welcome to Catalyst Condominium Management Ltd. As a leading condo management company in Calgary and Edmonton, we know the ins and outs of keeping your building in top-notch condition.

We’re here to share our special condo maintenance checklist to keep your building in shape.

Keeping a condo sparkling takes a lot of work. But don’t worry – you’ve got a helpful partner in us. From the board of directors to the condo board president, everyone has important responsibilities. We’re here to help understand these duties, and make them easier!

Condo documents play a huge role. They’re the playbook for managing condos. You need them to run your building smoothly. We’ll explain how to use them effectively.

A property management company in Calgary, like ours, works with condos daily. We also intend to increase our presence in other big cities like Edmonton. We’ve learnt a lot about property management for condos. We’re eager to share this with you.

Whether it’s your first condo review or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got tips for you. With our condo management expertise in Calgary and Edmonton, we’ll make sure your building shines.

Stay tuned for a treasure trove of helpful tips and tricks. Let’s keep your building in the best shape together!

Steps That We Recommend as a Condo Manager in Alberta

Condo management in Alberta
is our specialty. We have years of experience to understand the benefits of a well-maintained condo in Calgary, Edmonton, or anywhere else in this province.

Here are the steps that we recommend you take to keep your condo in tip-top shape:


Regular Inspections are Key

Just like we go to the doctor for check-ups, condos need check-ups too! Regular inspections are a big part of keeping condos in great shape. This doesn’t mean just a quick look around. It’s more like a deep dive into the health of your building.

Think of yourself as a detective. Look out for small problems before they become big ones. Look for:

  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • or anything out of the ordinary

Also, check the areas that aren’t always in plain sight. This could be the roof, basement, mechanical and electrical rooms or hidden corners.

The board of directors and condo board president should make a schedule for these inspections. Mark it on your calendars! This way, nothing is missed.

It’s also good to put this info in your condo documents. This keeps everyone on the same page.

What if you find something wrong? Don’t panic. That’s where a property management company comes in. A property management company in Calgary or Edmonton, like Catalyst, can fix the issues with our industry connections.

Remember, regular inspections are your best friend. They can help spot problems early. This saves time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Keep your condo in top shape with regular check-ups! It’s the best way to make sure your condo review is always a glowing one.

It is also recommended to have a policy in regard to filing complaints made by residents. It’s always good to let residents know that their concerns about maintenance are taken seriously. This is whether the issue has been previously reported or not.

The Devil is in the Details

Don’t underestimate the power of sweating the small stuff!

When we ignore these minor issues, it sends a message. It tells people we’re not paying attention to our condo’s needs. This might not look good to potential residents or during a condo review.

When we take care of small problems right away, it shows we care about our building.

Here’s where your condo board president and the board of directors come in. They play a key role in spotting and fixing these minor issues. This might be part of their regular inspections or they might rely on residents to report these problems.

Of course, they’re not alone in this task. Working with a property management company, like Catalyst Condominium Management Ltd. in Calgary or Edmonton, can make this easier. They can help you set up a system to handle these small issues quickly and efficiently.

Don’t ignore that leaky faucet or creaky door. Fix them right away. Remember, a well-maintained condo is a happy condo.

Let’s make your condo the best it can be, one small step at a time!


Outdoor Spaces Require Attention

Condos are not just walls and roofs; they can also include beautiful outdoor spaces. These areas might be:

  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • or playgrounds

They’re the first things people see. They can leave a great first impression. But they need love and care too!

Regularly check for overgrown plants or untrimmed hedges. Keep an eye out for litter or damaged outdoor furniture.

Remember to check your outdoor lighting too. These might seem like small details, but they matter!

Now, the weather can sometimes play tricks. Harsh winters in Calgary and Edmonton can affect your outdoor spaces. Look out for ice buildup or frost damage. You might need to do extra checks during these times.

The board of directors and condo board president can include this in their regular inspection plans. They can also work with a property management company.

A property management company, like Catalyst Condominium Management Ltd., has experience with this. They can give you tips on how to keep your outdoor spaces in top shape.

Also, let’s not forget the condo documents. They can include rules on keeping outdoor spaces clean. This helps everyone understand their role in maintaining these spaces.

In the end, well-kept outdoor spaces not only look good but also create a happy community. So, roll up your sleeves and give your outdoor spaces the care they deserve (or get a professional to do it for you).


Get Professionals on Board for Big Jobs

Sometimes, condo maintenance involves bigger, tougher jobs. Maybe it’s a leaky roof, a faulty electrical system, or a major plumbing issue. These aren’t jobs for a quick fix. They’re jobs for professionals!

It’s very important not to try to do these big jobs alone. It can be dangerous and might lead to more problems. That’s why you need professional help. The condo board president and board of directors should know when to call in the pros.

Your first step should be to look at your condo documents. They might have info on who to call for these big jobs. They might also tell you how to handle these issues.

If a task is to be fixed by a member of your board, please make sure to have the appropriate insurance to cover them. Perhaps even WCB (Worker’s Compensation Board) is needed to cover the job and the safety of your board.  

If you’re in Calgary or Edmonton, a property management company like Catalyst can help.

We’re experts in property management for condos. We can handle these big jobs safely and efficiently. We can also help you plan for these jobs.

Remember, a well-maintained condo is a safe condo. Don’t try to do big jobs alone. Let professionals handle them. This will keep your building safe and in great shape.

Keep Your Alberta Condo Maintained with Catalyst

Taking care of a condo is a big job, but you’re not alone. From small repairs to major projects, each step matters.

  • Regular inspections
  • Caring for outdoor spaces
  • and knowing when to call in professionals

These all help keep your condo in top shape. Remember, your condo’s health is everyone’s job.

Let’s work together to keep our condos shining in Calgary and Edmonton. Keep in touch with Catalyst Condominium Management Ltd. for more expert tips and tricks on effective condo management!

Do you have a condo in Calgary or Edmonton that needs professional condo management? Reach out to Catalyst Condominium Management Ltd. in Alberta today for more info.