Electric Vehicles: Challenges For Condos in Calgary

Electric vehicles have recently been making a big comeback. You will notice Teslas and other EVs on the road in Calgary on any given day.

As cool as they are, with their gas-saving benefits, owning one can come with challenges. When you own a home and have the money, installing a charging station is not too difficult.

It gets complicated when you rent a condo. You may have to figure out how your electric vehicle can be accommodated in a shared parking lot. This is an issue that condo property owners face too, when looking to please tenants.

Luckily, at Catalyst Condominium Management,  we understand what makes an EV-friendly condo.  

Today, we will like to explore the unique challenges of condo owners adopting EVs in Calgary.

How to Accommodate an EV at a Condo?

We all know what electric vehicles are and what they need to operate. Like the phone that you plug in at home, you have to make sure your EV is charged every day too.

Are you thinking about getting an electric car but live in a condominium? Or do you have condo tenants that own electric vehicles? Here’s how to accommodate this vehicle type while living in or owning a condominium:

Talk to your condo association:

Your condo association is in charge of your building. Talk to them about installing a charging station in your parking lot. This will allow you to charge your car at home.

Check with your local government:

There may be laws that require condos to have charging stations. Check with your local government to see if this is the case in your area.

Use a portable charging unit:

If you can’t install a charging station, you can use a portable charging unit. These are smaller charging units that you can take with you and plug into a regular outlet. They charge your car more slowly than a charging station, but they’ll still get the job done.

Use public charging stations:

If all else fails, you can use public charging stations. These charging stations are located in public places. This includes parking garages or shopping centers. Be sure to check the cost and availability before you go.

With these options, you can accommodate an EV at a condo and enjoy the benefits of driving an electric car!

Do EV Chargers Increase the Value of Your Condo?

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. Many people who live in condos are starting to think about getting one. But did you know that installing an EV charger in your building can actually increase its value? Here’s why:

  • More people will want to buy your condo –  An EV charging station in your condo building might attract more buyers. This is good if they are looking for a place where they can charge their electric car. This could help you sell your condo for a higher price.
  • It shows that your building is modern – Installing an EV charging station in your building shows your building is up-to-date. This could make it more attractive to buyers looking for a place with all the latest amenities.
  • It could save residents money – Installing an EV charging could save residents money. Instead of having to go to a public charging station, residents could charge their cars for free at home.
  • It’s good for the environment – Finally, installing an EV charger is good for the environment. Electric cars produce less pollution than gas-powered cars. Charging them at home is more efficient than charging them at a public station.

An EV charging station in your condo building could increase its value. It can attract more buyers and show that your building is modern. It may also save residents money and help the environment. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Help Make Your Condo EV Friendly with Catalyst Condominium Management in Calgary

As electric vehicles become more popular, condos will have to adjust to their tenants. This means making them more friendly to this new type of vehicle. Aspects like battery chargers and heated garages are a must for EVs in this city’s climate.

If you are looking for a condo management company in Calgary that understands the needs of EV drivers, reach out to the experts at Catalyst!