How Can You Ensure Safety & Security on Your Condo Property?

Safety is one of the main concerns when managing a condo community. You should be well prepared and take proactive measures to reduce any risks. It is the board’s duty to ensure that building operations are protected and residents’ safety is ensured at all times.The following are some of the key aspects you should address in this regard.

Perimeter Safety & Security

Have security personnel conduct routine patrols around the property’s perimeter. They should identify any potential risks and concerns. They should not only address the security concerns, they should also look for any potential safety hazards. This includes looking for wet, slippery and icy surfaces too. You should also train your security personnel as to what steps need to be taken to address such issues. There should be a process for documenting all safety and security hazards.

You should also ensure that all the residents have knowledge of fire exits. Many community buildings have panic buttons in the garage. Make sure that the locations of these buttons are known to everyone. This can speed up the pace of response when there is an emergency.

Train Everyone about Fire Safety Precautions & Measures

Make sure that everyone is provided training on how to take precautions for fire safety and also how to act in case of an emergency. These trainings should be provided by certified fire safety experts. The security personnel should be trained on how to initiate smoke control, start emergency generators, and exhaust fans. It will be best if all the supervisory members know how to start and use these emergency services.

Ensure that your residents are well informed about the following fire hazard and safety points:

• They should know where the fire alarms are located on their floor and how to use them.
• Make sure a place is arranged outside the building for everyone to meet after leaving the building. And everyone should know about this place.
• Everyone should know how to escape from the building when there is a fire.
• The building should have smoke alarms and make sure they are always working. There should be at least one alarm for each level. The residents should also be trained on how to protect themselves from smoke.

Periodic Inspection of Security Systems

Ensuring proper functioning of security systems is also an important step in ensuring the residents’ safety and security. There are different types of security systems including:

• Cameras
• Security equipment
• Common area entrance locks
• Lighting

The cameras should be working and defective lighting should be replaced.

Screen Residents & Workers

You should not only conduct background checks on the residents, but also on the people coming to work on your property. This can help increase the level of safety for the residents. If you are hiring commercial services, check with the businesses what level of background checks they conduct on their employees.

So make sure to follow these tips to make your community a safe and secure place for everyone to live.