Improving Your Condo Building’s Energy with Solar Power

Solar power as a renewable energy resource has taken huge strides in the past few years. In fact, due to current government funding, it’s now even more economically feasible to install a complete solar system that can operate. In fact, it’s also now cheaper to produce solar energy than energy from fossil fuels, due to innovations in the industry.

These advancements, coupled with the government grants and rebate programs, led Catalyst to connecting and partnering with Natural Energy Generation as we continued looking at innovations within the renewable energy market so we could continue to improve the condo corporations we support.

The Solar System

What we didn’t want for our condo property management clients was for them to invest in an entire solar system itself without first seeing the benefits. Rather, we wanted to be able to support them by simply allowing them to:

• Improve the carbon footprint of their building,
• See cost savings on their energy bills,
• Redirect the condo fees previously used for energy costs to other areas of the condo that require more financial support, and
• Not be tied into an energy contract.

In partnering with Natural Energy Generation, Catalyst owns the solar power system, while providing the energy to those condo boards interested in installing the system (don’t worry – the system is designed to not damage your building in any way, shape, or form). This allows your condo to access:

• Easy and free installation and maintenance of the system,
• More cost-effective energy for your building,
• Owning and selling the power without having to own the solar system itself,
• Only pay for the energy your building consumes of solar energy,
• Remote monitoring to see which panels are producing power and those that aren’t, allowing for more effective and efficient maintenance when required, and
• Potentially lower or redirection of condo fees to other building requirements.

Benefits for Your Condo Building

Solar power becomes profitable for condo boards by offsetting your power system so you’re not paying as much to the power companies. But, what exactly does this mean for your condo?

• Potential to save money on energy, particularly within common areas,
• An easy “plug and power system” provided by Catalyst and Natural Energy Generation,
• Possibility to loop the price of solar power into your condo fees. Note that this is primarily for condo buildings containing six or fewer units,
• No contractual agreements, meaning your building can unplug from the solar system at any point. However, we do recommend trying the system for a full year to see the full impact of solar power, and
• You have an energy partner willing to work with your building’s current contractual agreements with other energy providers as you make the transition.

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that condo corporations are going to have to start thinking about ways to make their buildings more environmentally friendly. Fortunately, this is an industry that is ever-evolving, making great strides from one year to the next.

Interested in discovering more about solar power and how your board and condo building can benefit? Contact Catalyst today for an assessment of your condo building’s solar power options.