Snow Removal 101: What Should It Cost And What To Look For?

Condo maintenance is part of the daily operations of condo management. Snow removal is one of the most important tasks and the level of complexity and work involved will depend on many factors. So what should it cost? What are the factors involved and what should you look for when choosing a snow removal service?

What Should Snow Removal Cost?

There are many factors that affect how much snow removal can cost. Different snow removal companies can offer different types of rates including hourly, monthly, one-time, seasonal or emergency rates. The property’s size, ease of access and many other factors also affect the costs. This includes the following:

1. The Driveway Size

The driveway size affects snow removal costs. The cost difference is not much between a one-car and multi-car driveway. However, if the driveway is too long it can increase the costs. Gravel-made driveways can also cost more to remove the snow.

2. The Equipment Required

Different snow removal companies use different methods and equipment for clearing the walkway or sidewalk. When a snow thrower or blower is used, the removal takes less time than shoveling. This can help in reducing the costs. However, many factors affect the kind of equipment and technique used. This includes:

  • Condition of the area
  • Type of area
  • Area size

A professional snow removal service will use the right equipment and method to ensure efficient operation because they have to keep up with the needs of all their clients.

3. Frequency of Removal

How frequently the service is required will also affect the costs. Many companies charge you for a specific number of clearings in a season. The costs increase when the number of clearings increases beyond the limit. Ask a snow removal company about how they charge before hiring their services. Some companies charge on a per plow basis and others charge for the season.

What to Look in Snow Removal Company?

You should look for the following factors when choosing the right snow removal company:

Are they Insured?

You should choose only an insured snow removal contractor. It is expected of all contractors to be insured, but only the professional and reputed ones follow through. Also check the type of insurance they have. You don’t want to be held liable if their workers meet any accident on your property. Also consider the amount of liability cover their insurance has.

Response Time & Speed of Work

Ask them how long they take to respond to a call for snow removal. Usually snowfalls take place in the evening or in the night. Choose a snow removal company that can provide its services at any hour. Not only should the company provide timely response, they should also be able to clear the area quickly. This will save everyone time and inconvenience.

So consider all these points when choosing a snow removal company. Look for an experienced service provider with good reputation in the market, and someone offering affordable rates. Timely response is also of utmost importance to prevent any inconvenience to all the people living in the building.