The Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning in Condos

Spring cleaning in condos doesn’t have to be difficult. The efficient size of most condos is a plus when it comes to deep cleaning your home. With less area to clean, you can save time and energy.

Still, when it comes to thoroughly tidying your condo, strategically planning your cleaning spree will prevent you from wasting time by recleaning surfaces. After spending significant amounts of time indoors over winter, you may find your home accumulates more dirt and clutter during the colder months.

Knowing the best tried-and-true methods for performing a true spring cleaning of your space will help you reap benefits year-round.

Instead of working harder, work smarter. Spend a little extra time reviewing our timesaving condo cleaning tips so you don’t find yourself losing steam in the middle of your spring-cleaning session.


Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Your Condo Easier


1. Clean from the Top Down

A helpful strategy for reducing the time spent scrubbing your condo clean is to work your way from the top of your home downward. This means don’t start sweeping your floors before you’ve dusted those top shelves.

Gravity pulls dust downward, so if you wait until you’ve vacuumed to start dusting that ceiling fan, you’re going to find yourself with a dirty carpet all over again. Do a quick scan of your home and determine the highest points you need to clean.

Take down curtains to wash them, dust the tops of your bookcases, and then work your way down to dusting lower shelving and cleaning lower cabinets.

2. Stick to One Project at a Time When Cleaning a Condo

Condos don’t always have a large amount of space. When you start to do your spring cleaning, focus on one project at time, otherwise, you may find yourself trying to trek through a maze of clothing, books, and cleaning supplies.

Break up your cleaning tasks into project areas. For example, if you decide to go through your bedroom closet, stick to the closet until you’ve arranged everything how you want. Don’t get trapped in the cycle of moving a pile of clothes from your closet to a “donation pile” at your front door, only to get burnt out midway through. Your clothes will likely end up right back at the closet.

Splitting your spring cleaning projects up into multiple days can also help you maintain that cleaning energy. You can focus on doing a deep clean of the bathroom one day, the kitchen the next, then your living room area, and so on.

3. Invest in Quality Cleaning Supplies

While you want to steer away from cleaning gimmicks, spending money on durable cleaning supplies will save you the frustration of having to reclean surfaces. One of the best investments you can make for your condo is a high-powered vacuum.

The smaller the space, the more foot traffic (and thus, dirt) your floors receive. A durable vacuum will help you thoroughly remove debris the first time, instead of needing repeated sweeps of the vacuum.

Sponge eraser products are a miracle when it comes to spring cleaning. These products are famous for removing wall smudges and scuffs along baseboards.

 4. Multitask When It Makes Sense

If you’re wondering how to spring clean a condo like a professional, it’s all about multitasking. Expert cleaners know that finding out which tasks can be carried out at the same time is essential to minimizing the time (and energy) spent cleaning.

When you’re cleaning the bathroom, start a load of laundry beforehand. While you don’t want to find yourself running back and forth between cleaning projects, because, as we mentioned, this can create an even bigger mess.

There’s no reason, however, not to start the dishwasher before you begin to tackle organizing the linen closet.

5. Organization is Key

If you’re really serious about spring cleaning your condo, then organization is essential. When tidying up your space, there’s no reason to do so if you don’t have a plan for where everything goes. You’ll find you’re always shifting items between spots.

Assigning a spot for every item in your condo is key to maintaining a streamlined and uncluttered environment. Designate logical spots to store your keys, your notebooks, all of your dishes, etc. Thoughtfully planning out “homes” for your items will ensure you always have space to store them.

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