What to Expect from a Good Condo Management Company in Property Maintenance?

Property maintenance is one of the key services provided by a condo management company. Not every company will be able to meet the highest standards in the industry to address all your maintenance needs while meeting high-quality standards.This guide provides you an insight into what to expect from a good condominium management service.

Keeping Track of Maintenance Requests

Reputed condo management firms use a software to keep track of maintenance requests by all the residents. They allow the community to submit their requests for maintenance using a phone-based or online system that lodges the request in their software.

Preventative Maintenance Program

A condo management company will have a preventative maintenance program that ensures that all minor issues are addressed before they become larger and expensive issues. It will also help in maintaining the property’s value. They will have a predefined inspection and maintenance schedule that helps in addressing issues immediately.

Some companies can have their own in-house maintenance crew. They can address emergencies round the clock. Not many such companies can provide after hours maintenance and emergency services. The right company has a customer service representative or your manager answering your calls, not an answering machine.


A condo management company cannot cover all maintenance and repair tasks through in-house staff. They will have to rely on contractors to address many specialized tasks. Good companies have a network of reputed and licensed contractors who are insured and bonded. They choose contractors who cover their employees under workers comp. The right management company will have processes in place to check the quality and compliance of the contractors’ work.

A reputable company will not have any conflicts of interest with its vendors. They establish networks based solely on quality work and best price where they get rewarded only in terms of discounted rates. The benefits are thus transferred down to the owners. A good condo management company will also set rules with regard to the contractors entering the residential properties. These policies will help in preventing potential issues that may arise when the maintenance staff enters occupied units.

Detailed Statements & Receipts

A quality condo management service will release detailed statements and receipts for all maintenance work to ensure there is transparency. The residents and the board should know where and how exactly is the money being spent.

Property Preparation Process

When a resident vacates a property, it has to be prepared for new tenants. The right condo management company will prepare such units quickly. They will take care of the cleaning, painting and other basic jobs in a proactive way. A quicker turnaround time will help ensure that the unit is occupied at the earliest.

These are some of the main maintenance services which you should expect from a good condo management company. Also keep these points in mind when you look for a new management service. The right firm will help save your valuable time and money by ensuring that all maintenance tasks are handled and completed in a cost-effective manner.