Drew Spencer

Managing Director, Industry Challenger via Advocacy

Raising standards and increasing efficiencies through communication and transparency drives Drew everyday. Managing Director of Catalyst Condo Management, has developed as the foundation for quality client service.

Through a combination of technology integration, lean consulting, six sigma management techniques, and entrepreneurial drive, along with over a decade of improving process systems, Drew looks to enhance the quality of management solutions and options for condo boards. This allows Catalyst to develop processes that are cost effective, while meeting the individual needs of each condo corporation. However, what’s behind this is his focus on building professional relationships for the improvement of the industry as a whole. And this, Drew firmly believes, starts with a transparent board to management company relationship.

But, it’s not all condo management for Drew. Outside of Catalyst, he spends time with his labradoodle, Steve McQueen, spending time outdoors, exercising, and renovating his house for an exciting 2019 arrival!

Relevant certifications and education: Master of Nursing, Leadership Knowledge Translation (in process), University of Calgary; Bachelor of Nursing, University of Calgary; Lean Consulting Certification (Yellow and Green Belt); AMRT Certification; WRT Certification; FSRT Certification.

Favourite Superhero: Silver Surfer. He’s interstellar and can go anywhere in the solar system!

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Drew Spencer