Fabrice Vermeer

Process Enhancer, Customer Support Manager

Growing a client base is great. However, what’s more important to Fabrice Vermeer, Catalyst’s Customer Support Manager to Growing a client base is great but what’s most important to Fabrice is keeping current clients satisfied. This means listening to you first, then providing guidance based on the concern.

Using her background in accounting and process management, she brings a unique ability to understand how customer service impacts the bigger picture for client relationships, Catalyst as a company, and the industry as well. She takes the time to develop processes that have real impact, ensuring satisfied clients in their day-to-day lives. This has proven crucial for providing consistent service that is transparent in all communication and brings clarity to next steps forward.

Over and above serving Catalyst, Fabrice loves baking…especially cakes and cupcakes. This delicacy is beautifully complemented by her love of weightlifting.

Relevant certifications and education: Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting from Dalhousie University.

Favourite Superhero: Astérix. He’s small and mighty, just like me!

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Fabrice Vermeer