Fabrice Vermeer

Accounting Manager

Fabrice is a number-crunching powerhouse whose greatest strengths are organization and digging into details. She enjoys finding technological solutions and innovative ways to ensure our accounting processes are as streamlined and as efficient as possible. Her professional motivation comes from providing accurate and detailed financial reports to our condo board members and clients so they can make informed decisions that benefit their communities. Transparency and meticulousness are always top priorities for Fabrice and you can be sure when she is reviewing financial statements, she is doing so with a fine tooth comb. When she isn’t tapping away on her calculator, Fabrice can be found spending time with her daughter, or whipping up some delicious baked goods (cakes and cupcakes are her specialty).

Quick Facts About Fabrice

Arch-Enemy: Anyone who makes repetitive mistakes that I have to continuously correct. Favorite Superhero: Astérix. He’s small and mighty, just like me! Relevant certifications and education: Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting from Dalhousie University.

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Fabrice Vermeer