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Condo management isn’t about your management company. It’s about you, your condo board, and your condo community. With Catalyst Condo Management this is what we believe and aim to build a partnership with you. In other words, we don’t want to be your service vendor, we want to be your advocate for better condo management in Red Deer!

Part of being your advocate means focusing on how to save you costs by streamlining processes, developing transparent communication systems, and proactively maintain key aspects of your building. We also aim to save you stress through education and improved execution of services.


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We don’t believe in passive service as this never meets your needs. With Catalyst, we make every effort to be proactive in building our relationship, developing services that meet your condo’s unique needs. This means we’re engaged in the whole process of supporting you and enhancing the community in which you live!
Whatever we know, you know, and this is the only way true service works. At Catalyst, we make every effort to ensure transparency in everything we do – from invoices, to communications, to every single line item, we make it easy for you to enjoy reviewing real time budgets, special projects, and monitoring of your financials.
Catalyst is like a great piece of Alberta beef! Born and bred in Alberta, you can trust that we understand what’s important to you and your condo residents. We ensure that we’re up to date on all changes to the Alberta Condominium Property Act and participate in industry conversations and education courses. This guarantees that you receive guidance and experience to better support you.
You deserve efficiency in service and responsiveness to requests. With Catalyst, we make this easier through the use of our online platform. Enjoy easy access to communications, email send outs, and other vital documents, like those fun reserve fund studies. Your condo will benefit from the closed and secure platform, ensuring that all your private condo conversations and inquires remain confidential to the outside world.
The truth is your condo building is unlike any other out there. Knowing this, we ensure our service is customized to your needs. Designed with four key components of service, including a personalized online platform, dedicated trades and vendors to support your building’s needs, a 24/hour support line, and accounting services to ensure our due diligence, we take the time to understand the primary needs of your condo and build our management services around this discovery. Stop being forced into a templated service model and build one that you and your residents actually need.
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